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Dear DiaryLately I've been having really strange thoughts about my step-daddy and today I accidentally caught a glimpse of him in the shower. After everyone had gone to bed my thoughts became a fantasy and I started playing with myself. As my fingers explored my body I imagined my daddy's cock in my mouth and my pussy. I've never came so hard in all my life. Is there something wrong with me? The following Friday mom was visiting California I snuck into his room and eased my way onto his bed. I gingerly touched his cock through his pants and it sprang to life invitingly. I couldn't help myself and soon savored every inch of him with my tiny mouth. Daddy's cock tasted so good. I stripped naked and climbed on top of him. His cock filled my tight hairy pussy and felt so hard. I started riding him and was lost in bliss. He tried to protest but he couldn't resist my tight little body riding his cock. Daddy made me promise not to tell anyone and we fucked til both of us came. A few days later daddy came home from work and caught me masturbating. I told him I was studying anatomy and asked for his help. He started touching my pussy and his cock got so hard I had to suck it. Next thing you know daddy is fucking me hard from behind. I made him lie down and started riding his cock then grabbed my vibrator. The vibrations combined with daddy's hard cock made me cum several times. Daddy got so turned on he bent me over and pounded my tight pussy til he exploded deep in my womb. He came so much a little bit even leaked out. I wonder if I'll get pregnant? One day I did miss my period and found out I was pregnant. Mom left daddy when she found out but since I was an adult I chose to stay with him and have the baby. Daddy and I will be so happy together.Life is Great,Alyssa Branch

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