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Faith has some plumbing problems and calls a handyman over to fix it. It’s a simple fix so he doesn’t want to charge her anything, but Faith isn’t about to let him leave without some form of payment. She’s blunt, and tells her handyman that her husband can’t make her cum. Urged on by Faith’s gorgeous good looks, he proceeds to eat out her pussy like a pro. She enjoys every minute until she decides it’s time to turn the tables, and starts sucking his cock. Using the kitchen counters, the handyman bends Faith over them to fuck her from behind, then to position himself better to have his dick sucked. Sitting her on a kitchen stool, the handyman proceeds to fuck her face to face to savor the expression she makes as he fills her up. With one last series of fucks from behind, the handyman is ready to cum. He pulls out to shoot all over her perky tits, much to Faith’s satisfaction.

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