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Who could resist the sultry Layla Lopez, especially when she's begging to use the fucking machine? Not us! We set it all up, more than excited to see her come into the studio. She heard it was a must to feel a pounding from our machine. We're happy she's wearing a pair of tight pantyhose. It does make the experience better. Before getting to the good stuff, Layla has to turn herself on. She lips off her sexy high heels, brings it to her nose, and takes a big inhale of the pretty scent of her suckable feet. Who knew she had such a foot fetish. After the second heel, she rips her stockings and wants the machine now. Like any horny dude, the machine takes control, breaking her down into complete pleasure. No girl can go without a multiple speed vibrator. This session was so hot, we needed to pull out the squirting dildo. Obviously she has a cum fetish too.

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6 years ago

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