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Sometimes, pretty teenage girls have to learn life's lessons the hard way. Such is the case with Goldie, for she is one of those girls who is just too damn hot for her own good, and whether she means to or not, she shows off her tight teen body in her cut-off booty short shorts and barely there crop. No man could resist the temptation to ravage her. Even though Goldie has been told never to hitchhike, she has no choice when she finds herself lost and stranded in the backwater swamps of rural Florida one scorching summer day. After wandering around aimlessly for hours in the blazing sun, Goldie flags down a van she spots. Thirsty, frightened and desperate to get home, Goldie asks the seemingly friendly stranger for a ride, and he graciously agrees to help, but the kind of ride he?s offering involves Goldie getting her sex holes wrecked in the back of the dirty cargo van. For starters, Goldie is slapped into submission, bound at the wrists with rope fed the thick cock of her brutal savior. Next, he humiliates her by making her jack her shaved pussy for his amusement. After that, he fucks her doggy and reverse cowgirl style long and hard while choking off her air supply. Finally, he blasts a big load of spuzz in her whore mouth to quench her thirst, and then… well, find out if Goldie ever makes it home.

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5 months ago

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