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After deciding to take some self-defense classes, Claudia Marie travels to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for personal instruction from professional boxer and MMA fighter David "Do Or Die" Derby. After revealing her "training outfit" and doing a few jumping jacks and stretches, the big tit blonde is ready to rumble! Things go crazy when David is momentarily distracted by a noise at the gym and is accidentally knocked out cold by one of Claudia Marie's flopping udders! Thinking quickly, CM performs CPR the only way she knows how: Penis To Mouth Resuscitation! David quickly recovers and goes for Round 2. He grapples CM's massive saggers to the ground and then he is mounted by her in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Down, but not out…David makes a comeback by taking the mount position on the round ass whore from behind. But this turns out to be a strategic mistake as the combination of Claudia Marie's fat jiggling ass, tight pussy, and huge saggy tits proves to be too much for the ring veteran. Within minutes he is emptying his cum down CM's hungry mouth and then he taps out. Your winner and still champion…Claudia Marie!!!

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