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In this episode, Curvy Kartoon is adorned in a little white evening dress looking for someone to give her a good fucking. She tempts the POV with her finger in her mouth and begins caressing her breasts. Kartoon pulls her panties down and strokes her cock and begins licking and sucking the POV cock. Kartoon leans back while the POV frots their oiled cocks together. Kartoon then lays back on the bed with her legs up to get oiled up, fingered, and fucked bareback. The POV takes turns stroking Kartoon’s hard cock and rubbing her breasts while pressing the bare cock into Kartoon’s ass. With Kartoon now on her hands and knees, the POV shoots oil all over the outside and inside Kartoon’s ass, and then pushes the bare cock in for more fucking. With Kartoon on her back, the POV oils her up some more and fucks her until she spurts her load off. The POV then keeps fucking her and shoots cum onto her hole and pushes more deep inside of her.

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12 months ago

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