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Break-ups can be very difficult to deal with, especially when they come unexpectedly. It's hard to imagine why someone would dump a gorgeous tattooed girl like Felicity. She'ss got everything a guy could want in a girlfriend, a tight slamming body, a fat ass and barely any clothes on. Ah well, one idiot's loss is Bruno's gain! Felicity's been left with only the plaid shirt on her back and she soon learns she'll have to lose it if she wants a ride home. Bondage, extreme rough sex, and humiliation quickly follow as this bright eyed brunette gets roped into Bruno's tour of BDSM. The hardcore action starts with him binding her wrists and stuffing her mouth with his thick cock. Once well lubed he takes aim at her tight wet pussy. Felicity gets fucked extremely hard in as many positions as Bruno commands. Back at his dungeon continues to sexually dominate and disgrace her. Slapping, spanking, choking, hair pulling, name calling, tying her to his bed, this slut submits to everything! Bruno coats her tits and mouth with a cumshot when he's done with her.

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1 year ago

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