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Ellie Mae is just eighteen and covered in tattoos! With Tom shooting, we get started, and Ellie lies back, spreading her pussy and getting busy with a dildo. It slides all the way inside her pussy with ease, and she rubs it on and around her tight cunt lips as Tom pans around with the camera. Switching to a different, bigger toy, Ellie is soon getting turned on, moaning and panting while jerking off for the camera. Blowjob o'clock now, and Ellie takes Tom's cock in her mouth, wanking shaft and making him hard. Ready to fuck, she climbs on top of Tom, pussy spread wide, and slowly starts to fuck him, head thrown back and loving every second! Some reverse cowgirl, then Tom fucks Ellie from behind, the pair lying on their sides. Ellie looks horny at the camera, giving it doe eyed open mouthed action as Tom pounds into her! We finish with some hard missionary, Ellie jerking off, then Tom pulls out and shoots into her thatch to end this awesome scene!

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5 years ago

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