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Twenty year old Nadane is wearing a bikini and looks cute as hell! Posing in a bathroom, she turns round, showing her hard body off to the camera. Taking her top off, she rubs cream into her big firm boobs, oiling them up, chatting away and at ease with being filmed! Both nipples are pierced, and we zoom in for a close up. Bottoms off now, Nadane shows off her ass, again rubbing cream into it. Jumping into the shower, Nadane washes herself, paying particular attention to her shaved pussy! Turning the water off, she puts one leg up high and plays with herself some more, before moving to the bedroom and lying back on her bed. Legs spread wide, she smiles at the camera as she works her cunt with a dildo, beginning to moan out in passion. Nadane holds it on her clit, jerking and twitching as her orgasm approaches. She cums nosily, and we finish the scene with Nadane getting dressed and more chat between her and the camera man !

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5 years ago

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